The Cherokee Maidens YouTube Channel

Honors and recognitions

  • Academy of Western Artists
    • Western Swing Song finalist "Belle of the Plaine" (2015)
    • Western Swing Duo/Group nominee (2015, 2016)
  • Home on the Range Movie Soundtrack



  • "The Cherokee Maidens deliver a charming, unabashedly throwback sound… with their lovely harmonies and sweet yodeling… rare and irresistible… elegant and earthy… show off their vocal prowess… Sycamore Swing, a talented band" The Daily Oklahoman
  • "… fantastic… wonderful… enjoyable… top class band… originals penned by the group… future hit Okie Dokie… beautiful… inspirational" KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompoc, CA
  • "Personally I never miss a chance to hear the Cherokee Maidens… blend their voices in splendid harmonies singing lyrics that will make you smile, sigh and will often teach you something." Wichita Magazine
  • "… sweet harmonizing voices (& yodeling) of the trio and unique vintage sounds of Sycamore Swing. The arrangements are not just faithful renditions of classic western swing songs but fresh interpretations of bluegrass-esque singing voices… played out in its full beauty and breath. Twin fiddles, lap steel and pounding drums accented with soaring sweet harmonies. The girls' sweeping harmonies are hitting on all cylinders. . . sexy harmonies. This fantastic band was all professional and delivered the goods. Wow what a show!" PeaJayMusicBlog.com